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Food Trucks at Caoba

It’s lunchtime – hunger strikes. Unsurprisingly, the fridge is full of everything you don’t want. Ordering something off Postmates is an option but who wants a soggy salad? Luckily, you live in Caoba where a different food truck is stationed at the bottom of your building every weekday this month! Scope out who’s coming, what they’ll be serving and when they’ll be coming by:

Daddy’s Grill: Burgers, stir fry, steak and more. This total grill experience is bound to fill that hungry void and make lunch your favorite part of the day.

The Wich Dr: Taking the idea of a sandwich and turning it into a piece of art. Combining all your favorite foods into one delicious bite that will make you wonder why you haven’t tried it before!

Root N Seeds: Looking for a smaller portion or vegan options? Root N Seed is here to deliver elegant and colorful dishes great for personal enjoyment or to share with friends.

Adam’s Filling Station: Burgers, wings and the best tots in town! Adam’s Filling Station is sure to live up to the hype leaving you full, happy and wanting more.

Latin Fixins: Unique and simple, a Peruvian American fusion designed to take you and your taste buds on a food journey.

Mr. PB&J: Transforming a childhood favorite into an unforgettable sandwich. Add a shake on the side and you will be living young, wild and free again!